Energybet bonus

Energybet was founded in the UK in 1999, and a year later it opened a stock exchange on the Internet. For many years, this was the difference between this bookmaker office and all the others: in it the rates and courses were set by the players themselves. Energybet became the only mediator who took away from each win from 2 to 5%. The largest betting exchange, which Energybet bonus certainly is, offers many interesting opportunities for less experienced players.

Players must take into account that the coverage of matches and disciplines depends on the suggestions of other players, but you can write your own bets. On the other hand, after many years of demands of some players, the society was forced to open an independent bookmaker office of the classical type in 2012. This opened the doors for players who do not have enough experience or who do not believe in betting on the stock exchange. The player can freely switch between the exchange and the office.

Energybet BONUS $ 30 FOR NEW PLAYERS “

With a good guess this is a big plus.
Of course, there is nothing surprising in that both the betting center and the classic Energybet bookmaker offer a large number of sporting events. It should be borne in mind that in the lower leagues or less popular sports there can be a limited number of options, because they are created by the players themselves. In this case, nobody prevents you from creating your own event. The player sets the course and the amount and offers them to the rest. If one of the players reacts and accepts a bet, the final result will decide who will get the win with the specific rate.

As already mentioned, you need to consider the commission, but a few percent is not very much. Daily on the list of sports appears about 30 points, among which you can call football, tennis, hockey, handball, volleyball, basketball, baseball, American football, rugby, formula 1 and other types of motorsport, boxing, martial arts, ball hockey, floorball , futsal, water polo, darts, snooker, table tennis, badminton, cricket, chess, Olympic sports, skiing, jumping and skiing, biathlon, as well as events not related to sports. Total on the exchange can be found up to 250 matches of different leagues.

You can contact the support team by e-mail ( or by phone. It should be noted that the Energybet support service is not among the fastest, so prepare to wait for a response to written questions for a few days. But the betting exchange Energybet offers very detailed instructions, from which you can find out almost everything that is required. On the Youtube server there are several training videos, you can refer to the Energybet blog or read the forum.