Boston is my second home, I have no reason to change, says Krejci

“I really like Boston, I have a lot of friends not only around hockey, but also outside, it’s my second home, everything is fine in the cabin, the club treats me superbly so I have no reason to change anything, “Krejci calculated in a videotape for

A new six-year contract and $ 43.5 million will enter into force next year. “I’m glad it’s solved and I can concentrate only on the games,” he added.

Bruins’ camp was a Czech center with a ring on his hands. Not with the massive victory in the Stanley Cup in 2011, but with the wedding ring – in August, he married his American girlfriend Naomi in his native Sternberg. “Everyone says they like it.Perhaps they are telling the truth, “Krejci smiled as he remembered a celebration at the Moravian castle.” It happened, it was so beautiful. Mom and my new sister did a great job, and they all praised it. It’s a good step in life, and now there are only such your first mobile bet big worries and responsibilities, but I’m looking forward to it, “said the famous ice-hockey player that the next step in private life should be to extend the family to offspring.

P> There is not much time left for private life, Krejčí is especially interested in hockey and there is not much room for other things than hockey and travel.

“The camp is tough, we get up early, We have two ice training sessions. Here he is training a little differently than in Europe, he is flying a lot, especially at the campsite.It’s very challenging, especially matches out there. In the morning we train in Boston, then we fly to Montreal and we have a fight this day, “said a 28-year-old striker.

At clubbing, at least he can talk to an expatriate after a long time. Younger forward David Pastrnak who even played Krejci with a preliminary duel in the first attack but then wounded.

“We were playing together at the beginning of the camp, but unfortunately had an unfortunate crash and is out of the game, but it’s nothing Serious. So I hope he’ll be back soon and we’ll play another game together. ”