Win and frustrated by Petr. Bad team and Sigma, the coach disappointed

Not only because of a similar surname, but also according to their wrestling score, you could easily change the soccer coaches of Kalvoda with Kalivoda. If you know what the man is saying, who led the winning team: “Boys must praise for the performance.” “The game was bad. I was already screaming right after the cabin match. Such an approach…”The first quote belongs to Marek Kalivod, coach Třinec, after defeat at the first Olomouc 0: 1 from the penalty kick of Michal Ordoš. The second quote was Leoš Kaldov, who was playing a cumbersome leaner victory.

It is not the fact that Hanáci did not beat Třinec, but their opponent also showed the quality on the Wednesday when he defeated Liberec 3: 1 in the Czech Cup, but The approach of some sigmatics was perplexing with Kalvoda.The most attacking player was Jakub Petr, who was replaced after a poor performance after an hour of play, and who showed frustration when he left the field.

“When they are a couple of turns and leave the pitch, they do not train for ten days and get a chance To play, even if they did not, and in the 60th minute, it was a little bad. Not against me, I will compare it, but with the collective and Sigma at all. I’m sorry, “Kalvoda said, not to mention. With 60 minutes played, the visitors broke through on the right after some poor defending. “I do not know how many times I’ve been changing…But you’re right,” he added. Not only did Petra undergo sharp criticism. “I did not like myself – and I will not name it, I’ll keep it for myself – the access of some players. Even though we won, so I did.Now I’m still, “he assured.” It was a pleasure for him that although the game was far from ideal, three important points remained at Andro’s stadium. He was the tenth best in the season, the second-best cannon of the second league, Michal Ordoš, in the 48th minute with the penalty changed from penalty to foul Motyčky to Navrátil. “The first half was the conquest of Třinecké branky, we did not score. But again, I have to say that we have managed to make an important match, I appreciate it. “

Sigma weekly missed the youth representatives (therefore delayed the match in Ústí nad Labem) and injured Vepřek, Vašíček and Petr.Trichet, who also suffered from virosis, also had difficulty, and he could not train on his field before the match. “Our break did not work at all, because six players were out, some were sick. We trained in eight people. That was a bad thing, and it also reflected on performance, “Kalvoda said. “But there are other teams, I’m not saying that. We must be glad that we have representatives at all, that they play from the second league at the age of twenty-two and twenty. That’s for the club plus. “

However, Houska’s midfielder or striker Chorie did not return to the match, the load was minimal. “They just traveled, they did not play much. The sick did not behave as I expected.He was not happy, it was not it, “Kalvoda continued, missing Vasice’s wounded wound. “Even David Houska was not in the optimal form. “Olomouc has not won six games in a row in the second league and falls behind a return home. The last time he beat Třinec in the Czech Cup. What has changed since then? “We have not won since then, otherwise everything is the same,” Kalvoda said. “It’s hard to keep that series because there’s always some defeat and loss of points. We have to go from the match, do not fly in the clouds, if we are already in the league. “

Sigma will now play three times outside. Even today (18.00) in Ústí will play a delayed game. “We are now facing a tough series, three games out there, and Osti and Most are playing for rescue.Even though I think we could play better out there, “Kalvoda says. “We have plenty of fast-paced players at the edge,” he explains.

But he will be missing out on a defensive midfielder Cana. The winning nomination for the match could be reached in the spring by the impenetrable experienced wing striker Jan Schulmeister. “She says about the nomination. There are now younger players who are hoping for a nomination in the 21st, but now we are out of the cards of Cana, I do not know how it will be with my boyfriend, so I think he will soon jump, “Kalvoda predicts. “Honza also starts after a six-month injury.”