Sheriff Tiraspol – Fastav Zlín

The Zlín players will fight in the 5th round of the European League at the Sheriff Tiraspol course to maintain hope for the group’s progress. It only gives them victory. In the event of a defeat or draw, the last round of the Lokomotive Moscow will be played only by prestige.

Zlín has still been drawn in both home games and both duels lost 0: 3. He has only two points on the hand and is the last. He still has a chance to go through the Betclic spring fights. But he would have to win the two remaining matches.

In Tiraspol, the Czech team faces a difficult task, as the Czechs feel the chance to advance from the group for the first time in their history. After winning Lokomotive they have six points and the win over Zlín could give them a final if Lokomotiv lost to Copenhagen.

“I did not expect Tiraspol to win in Moscow, it turns out that all three of our opponents are comparatively strong and difficult to play with, and the war between them will be up until the last match, we would have to win twice to get to eight points, and it may not be enough for the course, “said Bohumil Páník, coach of Zlín.

Sherif also has a very good form. He has won 20 competitive matches, last time he lost in Karabakh in August. He has not lost even the last seven matches in the European League, including the Prelude, but in six of them only tied. This includes the initial measurement of forces with Zlín (0: 0). At that time, however, the Shevists admitted that they were lucky.

“It is a success for us because they have four five situations, while we have one, two, the point is the maximum we could get,” said Pannik then. “We have to take the Unibet online betting guide point after the opponents’ chances that we have survived,” added Petr Jiráček.

Since then, Zlín has become accustomed to the European pace. Against Copenhagen, they showed good performance, but they have made an opponent’s productivity. Now they will try to snap Šerif, although the current form is not ideal and in the last seven matches they were rejoicing from the victory only after the penalties in the Cup with the second league Vlasim.