Psychologist’s advice to parents of kids from three years

All babies have a cognitive interest. They are happy to reach for the rattles, you begin to climb and to walk, to independently get to the subject that they are interested in. Our task is not to interfere with the child a little bit of help. And the kid will grow up to become independent!

Now your child is becoming increasingly curious. He would love to hear something new, interested in books, puzzles. The child not only acquires new skills in communicating with children. Besides, in order to play more with their peers (if you give him the chance), and rarely wants to be alone.

You’ll have to deal with children “do not want” and “won’t” just because your kid has grown and calls for a new relationship.

How to teach a child to independence and to deal with “incompetent”
And right now you can give the child the opportunity to feel that take into account its increased capabilities, take into account what it was “really old”. If the baby rests, refuses to do something, to shout and to be nervous is not necessary. Turn everything into a fairy tale, you can figure out where the kid would be happy to do something at home.

Three to four years the child can and with your help:

Wash with mother gender his little rag.
To help in the kitchen.
Independently dress and undress.
To go with parents for shopping.
To work in the garden.

Four to five years. Grow up and learn
The kid gradually learns new skills. His fingers are already better than that. He is less afraid. What frightened him yesterday, for example, included the vacuum cleaner today is only a smile.

He can dig with his father in the broken car, to help my mom vacuum the rug, or knock him on the street. When you get the first fresh snow – all this will delight the child, if the parents will have a good mood. It’s time to arrange a joint family “General cleaning” or “global repair” is when mom, dad and the kids clean the house or try to repair anything that broke.

Four to five years the child can and with your help:

To walk the dog.
To bring a small trash bag.
Clear the table dishes.

From five to six years. Try on the role
Please note which games your child plays on a walk when he interacts with other children. Kids games now resemble the finished stories where children act as mom and dad, buyers and sellers, hairdressers and clients, teachers and students.

So children develop “adult life”, trying on different roles. Use this moment. Was interesting to the child, give him a set of “Young master” where there are tools such as the Pope, but smaller in size. Only one gift is not enough. It is necessary that the Pope showed how to use all these tools and the child repeatedly could observe how daddy is repairing the house.

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