NBA and American Tabo: Dres ads will be, but at what price?

Why did not other teams contract sponsors? It certainly is not a lack of interest from companies, that would be enough. But there are a few obstacles here.

One of the biggest factors is market value. There is no precedent for jersey advertising value in US professional sport, so teams are afraid of concluding a very low contract and will be doing the rest of the league. Teams wait and hope the demand will top up the contracts and it will be another important source of revenue for the club.

The contract concluded by Sixers with the StubHub ticket sales agent is worth fifteen million dollars and is valid for three years.

However, it is clear that the amounts will be higher for more attractive teams.For example, the Golden State Warriors will say that the six six centimeters logo will require up to 65 million, the Cleveland 1xbet champions would like to get about 50 million, but perhaps Brooklyn says “only” 25 million.

because teams compete against each other for the same company and do not want to give other teams an advantage.

Another problem is the selection of companies that can deal with sponsoring clubs. Under the NBA, the alcohol and gambling companies are not taken into account.In addition, the jersey sponsor must not belong to the media and must not be a competing firm for NBA general partners, such as Spalding sports equipment maker or Tissot watchmaker.

The player will be awarded 50 percent of each sponsor contract according to the contract, so its share does not have to worry. The problem, however, is that many players have their best betting bonus offers individual contracts with different partners.Teams because they do not want their best players had a problem with his personal contract and team contract because the two companies against each other compete.

Some teams will therefore apparently negotiating with the partners of their top players and would like to contract extended straight on the whole team.

The real pioneers of the American profisport are WNBA players who have been wearing a lot of jersey advertising for several seasons.

Another change the NBA is faced with is the manufacturer. Ten years after this season, players will say goodbye to Adidas and will play in Nike jerseys.The American company has already told clubs that if they want to have a new season with the sponsor’s logo, they have to report the name of their partner by next January.

At first glance, it could seem that the sponsoring teams missed the ideal opportunity to sign the contract, but after this analysis it is clear that the first signatures are a matter of time, and others will soon follow.