An indefatigable hockey player, Samohejl, apologized: He pays for a deafness

BRATISLAVA. In an attempt to influence the junior extralig match, he was given an annual ban on activity. Now he has become an official adult. Paul Samohejl has revealed his identity and is apologetic.

“I would like to apologize to the club that because of my youthful indiscretion and an incomprehensible joke, the club’s name was mentioned in the media. I would like to apologize to the club, the teammates and the fans for the problems I have caused, “Samohejl writes on the official website of the MotoCzech. The topic was server

“I’m very sorry about this, and I would like to ask for a second chance, I want to return with my hard work and honesty,” added the young ice hockey player.Annual ban

The Czech Ice Hockey League has punished a young hockey player forbidding to enter all competitions organized by this body for one year. For a player this de facto means a pause from any competition.

Samuel’s penalty is great, but he respects him. “It’s a stupid thing,” says the talented young man. In the interview he also explains his version of the case.

When Samohejl and his teammates learned that it was possible to strike for the junior extralige results, the cabin was shot down, there were classic jokers.

But at the beginning of this season, the junk player was not very joking.Before the match of the Czech Budejovice youth against Litvínov, he also pulled the opponent’s goalie into the debate.

“I took it as a joke. I wrote to the Litvínov goalkeeper whether he would not let us down on us when there was such a great course. He responded to the same tone at first, when he laughed and told me, let me bet on water polo. Then he wrote to me that I had a goulash in my head and that our conversation ended. I then went on training and did not do it anymore, “says Samohejl.

“I did not consider myself a bad thing about my victory.Now I know that was a mistake. “From the joke problem

Gólman Patrik Spěšný then the conversation showed the coach Roberta Reichlova and jail was a real problem. The police were interested in the case, and the Czech hockey leadership was struggling.

“It would be bad for me. I explained to the guy what was going on, and they all held me. They understood my situation and knew I did not mean it seriously, “Samohejl said.

The public has been discussing this issue.In the discussion forums, some thought the punishment for juvenile indiscipline was too high, others agreed with the ban and argued that the hockey player would at least learn.

Some comments have been avoided. “You certainly do not have to do this, but I think it was too much,” he said.

For junior football in the Czech Republic, it could be a year without the possibility of playing ice hockey for the future. Many wonder if the promising waitress will wait. Extraligu wants to be back in the city

Samohejl made the older team captain and worked in a representation.He is currently practicing with the DDM České Budějovice club, who plays the regional junior league.

“When I’m healthy and can do normal training, I’m better off than a player who is injured all season. So I take it from this point of view and I think it would not have to be taken away. It is clear to me that I have mistreated my name and it will be up to me to deal with it when I come back, “says Samohejl.

That’s why he goes to the ice every day, thanks to the annual pause he’ll have more time for school. Český Budějoviciam wants to make up his mistake by going to the A-team and trying, for example, to help return to the city of the extralig.

And he will remember forever that some things are not getting hurt.