SSC Neapol – Juventus FC 0:1

Juventus Turin has made the most of it and returns to Naples as a winner! It was a nervous home equipa and the only goal scored by the former beloved and hated player of Naples, Argentina’s Gonzalo Higuaín.

Below the Vesuvius, he was about to start a round and fight for the title. Preadolescent Naples said before yesterday that Juventus’s dominance was enough, and after the fearless Rocky Balboy, she asked the master. In the backdrop of the majestic Vesuvius, players Energybet such as Lorenzo Insigne, Marek Hamšík, Dries Mertens, Pepe Reina, Kalidou Koulibala, Mario Rui or Allan and Elseid Hysaj have sprung up.

Juventus wanted to prove that he was in a tight situation, even though he was a bit of a force. In Italian rounds talk about the loss of power and dissatisfaction of players, everything was injured shooter Gonzalo Higuaín. Coach Massimiliano Allegri wanted to make it clear that Juventus would not give up the title and that much was Energybet helped by Gonzalo Higuain over the preconditions of the game. Dybala, Matuidi, Buffon, or De Sciglio and Pjanić joined him.

The Naples fans have made it clear how important this duel is to them. They convinced Sky to make their Gomorra series hit earlier and the broadcast did not interfere with the match in San Paolo. The basic eleven of Naples wanted to prove how dangerous it was to play with Partenope, but they respected them for the first few minutes. On the contrary, the old lady was given the first chance.

In the fifth minute, Gonzalo Higuain’s chances were in the home, and they Energybet relied in vain for the defeat of the offside. Naples did not act hungry or aggressively, as we often see it. On the contrary, it was Juventus, who managed to hit the first shot. And it’s very painful, because it was taken care of by the former star of Naples, Gonzalo Higuain. It was Maria Ruia, who had a leap forward, and Pepe Rein – 1-0.

Naples rightly felt shaken, and for a while she could not react to such a development. On the contrary, Juventus countered with a very good and attentive defense from which he emerged into dangerous attacks. The home equipa was very confused, and the occasional attack did not improve it. Two chances of the agile Lorenzo Insignia Juventus did not calm Energybet down, otherwise Naples could not think of anything good to surprise many.

The old lady very well combined and attacked, so Naples did not have much room for activity. When the Belgian striker Dries Mertens was already in a more interesting position, he often acted harshly and shamefully, so that Naples was still on the heels ahead. Naples had to turn on full throttle and in the other half she wanted to get it. But Juventus did not allow her to do anything, and there was also an enormous amount of inaccuracies.

After an hour of play, Spanish José Maria Callejón came to an interesting shot, but his sights were not properly adjusted. Napoli turned in a dismal performance, however. Lorenzo Insigne had a hard time on the waterlogged pitch – his trademark technique was Energybet nowhere in sight today. But he did not take the heart, but the penalty did not rain. On the contrary, Blaise Matuidi, who, after a beautiful combination, was delighted by the excellent goalkeeper Pepe Rein, was greatly rewarded!

Fifteen minutes before the end of the attack, Partenopei Lorenzo Insigne waited awfully for a badly offshoped line, the ball worked and progressed to the bullet, but in a hopeful position missed! Today, Naples suffered from inaccuracies, and its game did not even resemble Naples, which we have known so far.

Even a few changes did not help in changing the score on either side. Marek Hamšík did not reach the tall balloon and Naples did not do anything else. Juventus returns a blow and shows that he has not lost much of his power.