Darida likened disappointment from the ME to the descent into the second Bundesliga

The defender Vladimir Darida was living after a 0: 2 defeat with Turkey, which was a disappointing disappointment for the Czech footballers in the European Championship. He compared him with Freiburg to the second Bundesliga.

“Unfortunately, nothing mattered as we wanted, the whole tournament and the last match,” Darid told reporters. “We wanted to go into the leadership or keep a stateless state, the Turks had to win, we said that if we play, they open the game, and we would be punishing them with a second goal, but that’s what they did,” > He added.

“It’s a great disappointment.Maybe I would compare it to when we and Freiburg descended to the second German league, “he recalled the unpleasant experience of the summer of 2015, after which he moved to Hertha. Darida admitted that after the injury of Tomas Rosicky He wanted to take the role of the leader on himself. “I felt like playing with the Turks. They were not perfect in the defense, they found gaps. We had a chance, but unfortunately we did not use them. “

The Czech team won a single point in the championship with Croatia, while Spain defeated 0: 1 for the quality of the opponents.

But Darida did not want to hide. “The damage done by the Spaniards to the end.”We had a point with the Croats, which was our goal to get the last match a chance,” said.

“With one point of the first two matches we actually met what We wanted, “ said. ” With the Turks it was such a pre-final. We did not, we’re over. But if you do not win a single game, you can not go to it, “he commented.

Still, Czech football should learn lessons in France. ” When you see the teams coming from Other teams, it’s hard for us.We can only thank the fans for the support and promise that in the next qualifying we will be trying to advance to the world championship, “said Darida.

” He wants to get some more boys Going abroad to get us out as much as possible, “added a 25-year-old footballer. ” To be accustomed to the pace, which will then show up in the ND. I believe some will go out in summer and start improving, “he added.